Three Types of Commercial Spaces Our Property Management Service Understands

Whether you're trying to find a space to use for business, or are a land owner needing professional property management solutions: LandPark Commercial is the best service to partner with in the Houston area. Here are the three types of commercial property spaces we provide property management services for:

• Office

• Retail

• Light Industrial


LandPark's well experienced team of real-estate property management professionals understand the different aspects concerning commercial office space management. A client's objectives and needs for the building are carefully listened to, then an effective strategy is developed to best serve each unique project.

The comprehensive services Landpark Commercial provides include: asset management, consulting, marketing, property management, and leasing. Our knowledge of the real-estate industry and the industries we serve, give us the insight to properly proceed with strategizing and implementing our client's objectives and needs around office spaces.

Light Industrial

Clients benefit from the experience and knowledge LandPark Commercial has, when they need property management solutions in Houston for light industrial spaces. We understand the specific nature and different features within light industrial spaces.

There are certain attributes like: clearspace, high-bay doors, undeveloped parking easement, or a retention pond - which we pay attention to because we understand how they help attract profitable long-term tenants.

A wide spectrum of organizations, businesses, and companies use light industrial spaces for a myriad of reasons. LandPark Commercial can help land owners and tenants find the right arrangement for smooth long-term profitability and success.


The environment around a retail shopping experience is very important, and so is finding expert real-estate property management services to capitalize on the potential a retail space can bring. We understand the retail market and use a comprehensive market analysis to target the best suited tenants. Getting the right tenants in a retail space with targeted marketing keeps the space filled consistently with long-term tenants.


We treat every client with the same respect and honesty in our efforts to provide the best commercial real-estate management and lease services in Houston. Our personable staff of experts are available for consultation anytime. There are many possibilities we can discuss, in our efforts to maximize the potential of a space and properly manage it. To learn more, please contact us today.