Tenant Representation - The Value-Added Decision

Moving a business to a new location is a major undertaking for anyone. Whether you are adding an additional location to your chain or relocating your headquarters, there are thousands of details to consider.

The Tenant Representation team at LandPark Commercial are the premier professionals to count on when moving.

Your move in any area shouldn't be stalled in endless negotiations, limitless tours or a lengthy list of brokers trying to sell you what you don't need. The tenant reps at LandPark specialize in working on your behalf and making the process as easy and professional as possible.

Finding the right location with the right demographic is paramount to the continued success of your business. Finding the best fit is what our professional staff specialize in, we have your future success in mind. Traffic counts, fit up costs, zoning, analysis of the real estate market and design are just a few of the considerations of where to locate. Your firm needs the comfort of knowing that these details will all be handled by a team who is intimately mindful of your needs and will work diligently to see you through, from start to finish, with the least complications.

Discovering the most suitable site with the right landlord is what we do best. No matter the type of commercial real estate, office, industrial, retail or flex property you require, we will find it for you.

Not only does LandPark Commercial have access to an abundant number of properties, our professionals have many years of experience and familiarity with the business atmosphere towards assisting you.

The best part of our professional service is that it fits into every budget. Whether you are a large multi-national corporation or the smallest of retail boutiques, having the services of our professional representatives is free to you. The costs of these services are always picked up by your landlord. With that in mind, also know that starting the relocation process can never be done too early. The best value-added asset is one that pays for itself.

To get us started working for you contact us today.