Investing Wisely in Commercial Real Estate With Asset Management Services

Build your portfolio with asset management services

Commercial real estate is a lucrative investment opportunity that's an ideal alternative to stocks or bonds. With the guidance of professional asset management services, you can smoothly explore the different investment options available in the property market. Your objective is to put money on projects that match your present and future financial goals. And at LandPark Advisors, we can help you navigate commercial real estate, manage risk, identify opportunities, and grow your portfolio based on a strategic plan.


Here are some of the commercial real estate investment options you may consider under the guidance of asset management experts:


 Low-Risk Portfolios

 How strong is your appetite for risk? Well, there are low-risk real estate investment options you may want to consider before diving deeper into the commercial property sector. These properties are attractive to a low-risk taker because they're in prime locations. That translates to near 100% occupancy rates all year around. Also, such real estate often requires no improvements or renovation. However, the properties have low appreciation rates over time.


 Repositioning to Add Value

 An asset management consultant can help you identify properties you may acquire and reposition to add value. These assets usually can do much better with some improvements or even changes to physical appearances. You could also optimize commercial real estate value by altering the general altitude or operations of a building. The end-game here is to enhance the property's operating net income, after which you may decide to sell it.


 Opportunistic Commercial Real Estate

 Of all real estate investment approaches, opportunistic is the riskiest. The strategy requires careful planning because it involves substantial capital injections into value addition or creation. For example, you may take up a commercial building project that requires comprehensive renovation. Another option is buying land to build a property from the ground up. It's a capital-intensive investment technique, but its return on investment is usually high.


 So, what's your preferred real estate investment strategy? Our asset management experts at LandPark Advisors can help you assess all viable options based on your financial goals, risk appetite, and in-depth property market insights. Get in touch with us now to start crafting your commercial real estate investment strategy!