Tenant Representation Helps You Make Wise Moving Decisions

At some point in their history, most successful businesses have been in the position of having to re-locate. Moving a business is a BIG task and requires a lot of research, planning, and knowledge. Ultimately the decisions made concerning location, leasing, and marketing during this time can determine the continued success or failure of the business. 

Using a systematic approach is best when starting the planning and moving process. First and foremost is finding a new commercial property and securing a lease. Most CEO's have extensive knowledge of product lines, manufacturing processes, human resources, and budgeting as it relates to the business but this knowledge will not always translate into real estate savvy. Smart businessmen know that discovering and using any and all resources available to them will translate into an effective use of time and dollars. So in the case of a business re-location, availing yourself of tenant representation is a wise choice.

Just as CEO's know the intricacies of their business, tenant representatives are well versed in properties that are available in the area of the desired re-location. They are current in their knowledge of what other properties in that area are leasing for and what amenities most property owners are willing to offer to close a deal. Using their services can greatly reduce the amount of time and frustration that will be expended when searching for a new home for your business. They are skilled in collecting and analyzing your information to determine exactly the kind of space you are interested in finding, finding space that meets those expectations and desires, deciphering lease language, watching your back during lease negotiation, and protecting you from hidden costs that sometimes occur during the acquisition process.

While your tenant representative is working to secure the perfect location, management can start the preliminary steps of moving by educating your company's employees about the move and developing a plan of action, taking inventories, finding movers and obtaining estimates, preparing for packing, and developing a marketing strategy to inform your customers of your new location and how it will benefit them. 

All in all, it will make the whole moving process move more smoothly and efficiently. If you are a businessman in search of commercial property in the Houston area contact us and set up an appointment with one of our tenant representatives. We will help you find and secure just the right property to keep your business on the grow!