Property Management Services Help Keep Your Building at the Top of Its Game

According to the CEO of Halliburton, Dave Lesar, the happiness of employees doesn't just boil down to who they work for. Where they work also matters. In a recent interview with the Houston Business Journal, Lesar -- whose company is the world's second-largest in the oilfield services sector -- the shape of the facilities where those employees are going to work also matters. In a city like Houston, where there's fierce competition for talent, companies have to provide nice places where staff feels productive and enjoys coming to work.

A comfortable worker is a productive worker. It's a concept that SkillPath, in a November, 2013 posting, also addressed. Some of the factors in creating a comfortable office space included plenty of lighting -- both natural and artificial -- SkillPath stated, noting that, with employees spending an average 8.8 hours a day at work, the exposure to at least a little bit of natural light is crucial. Enob reported that other factors that sway the comfort level of employees include visual and acoustic appeal, room temperature and humidity, layout of the space, and indoor air quality.

What does it mean to you if company owners and CEOs are actively looking for space that will not only suit the needs of their employees, but also make those employees comfortable and, therefore, more productive? If you're the owner of office, retail, or industrial space in Houston, it could mean the difference between leased space and vacancy. LandPark Commercial offers an array of property management services. With exceptional customer service for both the property owner and the tenant, we can lower your operating costs while increasing the value of your asset. For more information, contact us.