Private Equity Firm Seeking Houston Office Space for Its HQ

The Houston Business Journal recently reported that the private equity firm, CSL Capital Management is moving its headquarters from Connecticut to Texas. The firm, which helps build smaller to mid-sized energy services companies, is currently looking for Houston office space in which to expand its operations here, likely next year.

The company's chief reason for relocating its headquarters to Houston is to be closer to the energy boom and the deal-making opportunities that come with it, the article noted. The company had opened a smaller office space in Houston three years ago, but now the company's founder, Charlie Leykum, wants to move himself and the company's base of operations there, as well.

According to the managing director of the Houston office, John Griggs, most of the management teams that CSL Capital Management will be working with are going to be in the greater Houston area. The company will maintain its presence in the Greenwich and greater New York area, however.

The company is a bit different than other private equity firms in that it builds companies rather than buying them, the article stated. To date, CSL Capital Management has build eight businesses from scratch, and Griggs noted that their services include an accelerator or incubator program.

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