Office Space for Lease in a "Brainpower City

The number of college graduates in Houston is increasing, according to a recent article from Forbes. So much, in fact, that the city was named one of the top new "Brainpower Cities" in the United States. Houston placed sixth on the list, with a 16 percent increase in college graduates -- 185,012 -- since 2007. Houston also has a thriving cultural scene, low costs, and one of the fastest growing hubs of dense urban living in the country, the article stated.

Demographer Wendell Cox determined where college graduates are settling by analyzing the number of individuals between 2007 and 2012 holding bachelor's degrees or higher in all 51 of the metropolitan statistical areas in the nation with over a million people. Houston was one of four Texas cities named to the list, with San Antonio, Austin and Dallas also being named top brainpower cities. Since 2007, Houston and Dallas have gained more residents with bachelors of arts degrees than cities traditionally known for their BAs, including San Francisco-Oakland and Boston, the report noted.

Looking for office space for lease in a place that is gaining in brainpower -- while offering an outstanding cultural scene and low costs for residents -- can be tricky. Entrepreneurship often follows, or accompanies, education. Demand is high these days and vacancies are low. Still, there are a number of options available, including some you might not have thought of. At LandPark Commercial, our job is to know the market inside and out, including both traditional and non-tradition options, so that you can have the perfect place to do your job. For more information on our services, contact us.