Landlord Representation Can Help You Find Commercial Tenants

Is there a "For Lease" sign in the window of your unoccupied commercial property? Is your phone silent? Perhaps you need a property management company that can help you find your next commercial tenant.

Landlord Representation services are designed for commercial property owners who need help finding an appropriate lessee for their space. Landlord representation is appropriate all types of commercial property, including retail, office and industrial spaces. It is commonly used both with single-tenant properties and multi-tenant properties.

Once they have developed your marketing strategy, your representatives can market your property to other real estate agents. Other agents know of businesses that are looking to move into the area or expand; your newly attractive property will give them a way to satisfy their customers.

Marketing your property to other real estate brokers is one of the keys to obtaining commercial tenants. The right landlord representative knows your local market and can evaluate your property for opportunities that you are not aware of. Once the agency examines and understands your property, they can comb through their knowledge of local trends and the needs of anticipated lessees to find the right way to market your building.

Landlord representation can also help you to negotiate the right lease. In addition to defining the amount of rent paid, leases define the legal responsibilities of all parties. Your representative can help you to negotiate an appropriate lease for your space.

Landlord representation can help you to find the right lessee for your commercial space. To learn more about leasing and managing your commercial real estate, please contact us.