How to Find the Right Office Space for Lease in Houston

Finding the right office space for lease is one of the most important decisions for a business to make. It is where you will spend most of your working time, have meetings with your most important clients and make your biggest deals. Your best creative ideas and business strategies will be developed in the office, so it is critical to find a location that fully satisfies your needs.

Here are some major items to consider when searching for the ideal office space:

Determine Your Needs and Requirements

Consider your present and projected needs. The office must be large enough to accommodate present staff with room to expand. The general rule for Houston office space, depending on the type of business, is 175 to 250 usable square feet per person. Decide whether you need a location that is close to clients, and how near it should be to restaurants if you will be entertaining or having frequent meetings.

Consider Rates and Terms for Spaces You Are Considering

Ask the leasing agent the cost per month, required deposit, term of the lease etc. This is where a tenant representative can be a valuable partner in helping you find the best space at the right price, and avoid paying any hidden costs.

Visit and Explore the Prospective Office Space

Walk around the space to gain an understanding of the look and feel of it. Depending on your needs, there must be an adequate reception area. You may need a proper break room or kitchen, or access to one. Make sure there are suitable areas for storage, files and office supplies.

Discuss Your Need for Alterations and Improvements With the Landlord

The space should be adequate and in good working order. If build-outs or tenant improvement allowances are needed to customize the space, the terms and conditions should be negotiated in the lease. Determine what enhancements will be allowed and who will pay for them.

Before Signing the Lease, Review it Carefully

There are many terms and provisions in a lease that must be understood prior to signing. Make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities regarding the use of common areas. Know what type of security is provided. Are utilities, taxes, insurance and repairs included in the lease?

Who will be responsible for improvements, and who will pay for them? How will future rent increases be determined, what are the provisions for extending your lease, and what are the penalties for prematurely terminating the lease? What are the provisions for expanding or reducing the square footage of your office?

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