Houston Office Space for a Vibrant Startup Community

The tech startup scene in Houston is more vibrant than it's ever been, according to the newly appointed CEO of VCS Database, Rick Pleczko. In an interview with the Houston Business Journal, Pleczko stated that Houston -- with its reputation as a tech city and its close proximity to the largest health care hub in the country -- has the potential to become a major player in technological innovations in the health care industry.

According to Deborah Mansfield, of the Houston Technology Center, Houston and the surrounding areas are divided into different communities all close to each other, with each known for a specific technology field. In Katy, for example, it's energy. In Galveston, it's technology focused on infectious diseases. These communities are in competition with each other, she stated, and that's a good thing in that it addresses the needs of the various neighborhoods.

Mansfield said that the clustering of various communities around energy, IT, life science, nanotechnology, and aerospace is likely to continue in the next five, ten, or even fifteen years. However, she said, the future success of the area's tech startups depend on how well colleges are able to educate students on how to be creative and innovative. Additionally, networking is crucial to the health of the tech industry in Houston, she stated, in that it provides the resources that these new companies need.

Finding an affordable office space is an important resource for new companies. In many areas around the country, tech startups are engaging in co-working situations where more than one company shares an office location. The benefit of this, of course, is that the companies share the expenses of that location as well. Networking is the key to finding other new companies to share the space with you.

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