Houston Office Space Construction the Highest It's Been in Decades

If you're looking for Houston office space, you definitely have some options. Or do you? The Houston Business Journal recently reported that new office space construction is at the highest level that it's been since the 1980s and has increased by 54 percent in the last 12 months.

However, the article cautioned, if you want the best of the new buildings plus expansion rights for future growth, you need to secure your lease well ahead of the lease expiration on your current space and likely before the building is even built. Currently, more than half of the 19 million square feet under construction is already leased or committed, the article stated. Further, about 36 percent of the new construction is corporate owned, including the new Exxon Mobil and Phillip's 66 offices.

Still, the market is expected to see the addition of 5.4 million square feet of office space by the end of the year. As a comparison: By the end of 2013, 3.2 million square feet of Houston area new office construction had been delivered.

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