Houston Brokerage Firms Eye International Trade Agreements

Recent news about trade agreements that will bolster the U.S. economy has Houston brokerage firms taking notice. Why would this information matter to us, and how does it matter to you. Let us explain.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership are trade agreements that will make it easier for foreign companies to invest in businesses in Houston and all across the country. These agreements are anticipated to add hundreds of thousands of new jobs, with manufacturing expected to see the highest job increase. Other industries expected to see a healthy boost from these agreements include business and professional services, retail trade, leisure and hospitality.

Houston is already set up to provide foreign investment opportunities. According to information from the Greater Houston Partnership, fifteen foreign governments maintain trade and commercial offices and the Houston metro area features 31 international chambers of commerce or trade associations. Houston is among the top three areas in the nation in regards to the number of consular offices, with 92 countries having official representation here. Texas is the nation's largest exporter, and the Port of Houston ranks first in the quantity of foreign tonnage. Beyond the Port, Houston also has two major railroads, about 100 trucking lines, and one of the world's largest multi-airport systems.

What does this mean to you? If you own property that is for lease, it could mean a lot. Property in an area that is as rich with domestic and foreign opportunity as Houston is a valuable asset. LandPark Commercial has an extensive network and a wealth of experience in all types of property and working with investors both near and far. Contact us to talk about what you're looking for in a Houston brokerage firm and the many ways we can help you