Do You Have a Cool Office Space for Lease?

For some of them, it is the open floor plan and the lack of cubicles. For others, it is the decor. Others, still, have unique office features such as a deck for entertaining clients. Recently, the Houston Business Journal asked area businesses to submit photos of their "cool" offices. About thirty companies participated, and -- impressed with just how cool an office space can be -- the journal decided to make a contest out of the collection.

On their Facebook page last month, the journal posted one photo of each of the offices and had Facebook users vote with "likes" for their favorite. Knowing that company loyalty might sway the voting, the journal didn't identify the businesses whose photos had been submitted. The photo of the conference room belonging to GSD Construction and Southern Green Builders led with 156 "likes", followed by Houston Magazine's office overview with 117, the journal announced.

Do you have a cool office space for lease? Is there something about your building that sets it apart? LandPark Commercial understands that there's more to leasing space than just filling a vacancy. Having a tenant who truly loves the space goes a long way toward keeping it filled for more than just a little while. We can work with you to develop a plan that will maximize your property's potential and help get it noticed by the tenant best suited for the space. We know all aspects of commercial real estate in the Houston area and our years of experience and networking are at your disposal.

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