Avoid Renting from a Slumlord with Tenant Representation

When searching for any type of rental property it is highly-recommended to begin your search through a professional real estate broker. There are many benefits to allowing a professional to handle the search itself, but one of the biggest benefits of all is the complete avoidance of the dreaded slumlord.

If you've never rented from a slumlord consider yourself lucky and highly-fortunate. If you're not familiar with the term slumlord, a slumlord is a bad landlord. When renting from a bad landlord, you may have to fight to get repairs made. Having a landlord who doesn't care about his or her property is a situation you want to avoid.

Consider this, what would you do if your Air Conditioning went out during the summer and your landlord wouldn't return your phone calls? Or, what happens if the toilet stops flushing and the landlord won't return your phone calls? These are situations that can result in pandemonium within the office, hassle, stress, and inconvenience.

Tenant Representation Connects Good Tenants with Good Landlords

In the real estate world there are good tenants and there are bad tenants, just as there are good landlords and bad landlords. The job of the real estate broker is to connect good tenants with good landlords to avoid bad situations like the examples above.

With Tenant Representation you're guaranteed to have a landlord that takes care of their property and who you can truly count on in the event of an emergency.

If you'd like to learn more about Tenant Representationcontact us today. LandPark Commercial is proud to have the expertise to connect good tenants with good landlords and would like to help you with your rental search.