Asset Management Services: The Importance of Knowing the Right Time

There are plenty of dining establishments and nightlife opportunities downtown. But will that area ever see street-level retail? According to a recent article from the Houston Business Journal: Yes, eventually.

The time has not yet come for retail shopping in downtown Houston, however, said Central Houston's president, Bob Eury, and Nick Hernandez, the managing director for Transwestern. Although office space development in the area is growing, as are the additions of new hotels in preparation for the Super Bowl to be held in Houston in February, 2017, one key ingredient is still missing in the mix needed for retail to thrive.

That ingredient, the article states, is residences. Until Houston's residential piece of downtown gets larger, there isn't enough to sustain very many retail shopping establishments. That could be changing though, with a number of planned multi-family units in the downtown area. When those units go up, then retail is likely to come in.

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