4 Tenant Retention Strategies for Your Houston Office Space

If you own office space in Houston, tenant retention is definitely one of your highest priorities. Putting in place effective tenant retention strategies can minimize vacancies and optimize the long-term income potential of your property. Here are 4 approaches to consider:

1. Pay attention to Curb Appeal. Make sure that the exterior of the building represents the professional image that your tenants work hard to maintain.

2. Make Tenant Relations a priority. Keep in touch regularly and address any concerns they may have in a timely manner. Let them know that you care about the success of their business.

3. Offer Amenities that appeal to your tenants. Do some research to make sure you know what is being offered by your competition, and offer similar amenities.

4. Increase the Energy Efficiency of your property to reduce your tenants' utility bills. Here are a few energy saving tips from Touchstone Energy Cooperatives:

• "Replace failed equipment and appliances with Energy Starqualified models, as available.

• Set provisions to commission new equipment to ensure that it operates properly.

• Ensure that all windows and doors have acceptable caulking and weather stripping.

• Use occupancy controls for office lighting.

• Operate parking-lot lighting with a timer or photosensitive controls.

• Establish operating hours for common-area lighting and HVAC systems that are in tune with business hours.

• Maintain water heaters at 120° Fahrenheit, unless a higher temperature is required."

At LandPark Commercial, we look forward to assisting you with all of the above suggestions. For more information about tenant retention strategies, please contact one of our Landlord Rep brokers today.