Tips for Selecting a New Office Space for Lease

Presently in Houston, the most populous city in Texas, there exists over 6,000 office spaces for lease at any given time. With such a culturally diverse population and the influx of the millennial demographic, there exists a wide range of properties tailored to meet change demands for location with ease of access, open floor spaces that foster collaboration, and design strategies that promote a modern atmosphere which tend to retain employees.

After you've decided on a traditional office space with cubicles and private offices, or a modern, open floor space plan, also consider these tips when selecting a new office space for lease:

• Survey your employees to determine what factors are most important to maintaining a happy and productive office environment.

• Tour various feasible properties and compare market valuations which can be provided by your real estate broker.

• Take note of building security (electronic access or on-site security guard) and parking space availability and convenience, and whether it is open air or a covered structure.

• If offices are in a metropolitan or downtown district, public transportation can be a selling point for office personnel who may want to ditch traffic nightmares.

• Inspect the property to ensure there are no signs of leaks from fixtures, walls or ceilings, and question how maintenance issues are handled when they arise.

• If your business sponsors client visits frequently, determine if the office decor is sufficient or will updates need to be included.

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