Houston Brokerage Firms - There IS a Difference

Anyone that's even casually aware of the commercial market in the greater Houston metropolitan area can tell you it's becoming more competitive by the day. Now more than ever is time to have a laser focused leasing team representing your property.

Houston is in a very geographically unique position to attract businesses of all descriptions whether they be local, regional, national, or even international; every entity can take full advantage of the business-friendly environment found in "Space City". Despite current oil prices, Houston continues to thrive and show its diversity. If your current broker is blaming high vacancy on oil prices, it may be time to change brokers.

Compare Houston to most other major markets, and you'll quickly discover that taking everything into account, Houston is, in fact, THE perfect place to conduct business. In San Francisco, to cite just one example, we can clearly see that the "City by the Bay" has had an increase in commercial property values escalating up nearly 40% in the past two years!

Whether you have a property to liquidate or you're looking for the perfect property to buy or lease that fits your exact requirements, now may be the best time to do so.

However, navigating through all of the countless details involved in consultation, marketing, sales, leasing, property and asset management, tenant and landlord representation, tax implications and other related tasks are formidable without the right people in your corner. At the very least, it is intimidating and at the worst, fatal, for the longevity and profitability of your transaction.

No doubt you could navigate these unknown waters by yourself. A much wiser choice would be to hire the professional staff from Houston Brokerage Firms like LandPark Commercial.What separates LandPark from their competition is the thorough and in-depth knowledge their entire team has for every aspect of this often-misunderstood niche of the real estate business.

The team at LandPark is dedicated to mastering all of the skills needed to accurately assess each individual client's needs. Clientele is not accepted according to property size, or price. Completing the entire transaction in a timely and professional manner is the goal for each person that chooses to have LandPark represent them.

LandPark relies heavily on its entire staff of professionals who are the best in their respective fields. With nearly a century of combined experience, each team member does their job cohesively and seamlessly so that the result is total client satisfaction. In addition to LandPark's office staff, a large network of independent brokers ensure that properties sell or lease quickly at or above full market value.

How can we help you? For more information or any questions you may have, please contact us. We look forward to assisting you.