Why Tenant Representation is More Helpful than You Might Think

When it comes to making real estate decisions for your business, you can either shop around on your own, or work with a company that offers tenant representation. Though you might have an idea of how helpful tenant representation is in certain circumstances, you might not understand exactly why it's such an effective way to shop for a new office, or for a new renewal rate. 


Working with a tenant representation expert gives you access to a wider variety of options because: 

Online listings are often inaccurate, outdated or unavailable 

Not every owner lists his properties publicly, and 

Commercial brokers are familiar with the various markets and what rates should be

In addition, because of a broker's unique relationship with property owners, he can introduce you to the types of owners that would think your firm is a perfect fit; causing them to compete for your business. 


Though you might know your community well, your broker will have access to demographic software that can assess the market and choose a location for your office, based on specific metrics that affect your particular business model. For example, you might not realize that a large sector of your target market lives on the other side of town (the side you weren't planning to rent on). Brokers also have an intimate understanding of contracts and can help you to avoid hidden costs and fees. 

A Customized, Efficient Approach 

After your broker conducts a needs assessment, he goes about finding the right space for your company; and if you want to stay in the same place, he negotiates the best rate for you. The approach is specific to your needs, yet convenient and efficient in respect to your time, because you can leave the legwork up to an expert. Contact us today, and get access to some of the best commercial properties Houston has to offer.