Landlord Representation: Helping You Make the Most of Houston's High Demand


What these two booms mean for Houston is more than 50,000 new jobs created, and they're not just in the direct petrochemical, oilfield equipment and services, engineering, and related industries. In order to support the growth in businesses and to serve the growth in population that will result from it, jobs will be created in many different sectors, including retail and business service sectors. With these additional jobs will likely be the additional need for work space.

Houston is currently the fifth best city for global investment, the report noted. It is the eighth busiest international air gateway, the busiest U.S. port in foreign tonnage and it has the third largest consular corp. As a greater worldwide interest in Houston's success generates more foreign money, additional business opportunities follow.

Whether you're the owner of office space, retail, or industrial property in the Houston area, there's a big demand for what you have. Landlord representation services from LandPark Commercial will help you get the most out of that demand. We will aggressively and effectively market your property so that those who would be interested in leasing it are fully aware of the opportunity. We will use our experience to communicate on your behalf with tenant brokers, attorneys, architects, contractors and owner representatives to ensure that the deal closes efficiently and that you successfully meet your ownership goals. For more information about landlord representation and the other services we provide, contact us today.