How to Find the Perfect Houston Office Space for Lease

The great thing about living in a large metropolis (Houston has over 2.1 million residents) is the variety of commercial office spaces available for lease. This creates many: variables, options, features, and amenities to choose from - giving businesses and professional services fitting options for their budgets and needs. Let's examine these variables by answering the question: how to find the perfect Houston office space for lease?

Main Variables to Consider:

• Size of Office and Building

• Lease Amount and Terms

• Building and Office Amenities

• Location of the Building

The answer to these variables begins to narrow down the choices and streamlines the process of finding the right office space for each business. Here are some of the different options and variables from building to building:

• What floor level the office space is on

• How many other people are sharing the floor and common spaces

• Outside garden/ walking track

• Massage, spa, indoor pool, work out room w/equipment

• Conference room

• Universal secretary

• Networking opportunities

• Full-Service Restaurant

• Indoor Waterfall

• Parking

• Full bathrooms/kitchens in office space

• Close to downtown and transit centers

These are some of the variables that could be present, when deciding on which building to lease office space in. Some of these commercial office buildings are small cities in themselves, which may or may not be what a business is looking for; there are plenty of more practical and affordable office spaces for lease with less amenities and attributes. The price range goes from $7 - $32/ SF/ Year, from the office warehouse to the luxurious Class A office spaces in high-rise commercial buildings in downtown Houston.

Get Help From a Houston Property Management Service

The best way to go about finding the perfect commercial office space in Houston is to find a property management service to help. LandPark Commercial specializes in Houston real estate, managing dozens of commercial buildings with premium office spaces; we have office spaces for just about any type of business.

Our experience and expertise in the Houston real estate market ensures the leasing contract and process goes smoothly and each client finds the perfect commercial office space for their budget and needs. To learn more about our commercial office spaces for lease, please contact us today.