Have You Gone Green with Your Office Space for Lease?

Did you know that more than half of Houston's commercial space downtown is considered green? Did you know the city's central business district is among the top ten in the nation for the highest percentage of green commercial space? According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, 55 percent of Houston's commercial square footage either has a EPA Energy Star label or LEED distinction. Houston is ranked fourth in the nation for the number of Energy Star labeled commercial buildings and third for LEED-certified spaces.

The high percentage of green commercial space is attributed in part to energy firms with sustainable practices in place, the article stated. Additionally, the city passed a resolution in 2004 that required city-owned buildings of more than 10,000 feet to meet LEED standards. Since 2005, the number of buildings with LEED-incorporated standards has increased 1,000 percent in Houston, the article noted. There has been a 600 percent increase in Energy Star labels.

If you have office space for lease in Houston and you haven't yet "gone green," retrofits will not only save money and energy but are also highly marketable features when it comes for your search for the perfect tenant. Some simple retrofits include replacing old windows and lighting for more energy efficient ones, upgrading the building's HVAC unit, the use of solar photovoltaic systems, putting lights on photosensors in offices where there is plenty of sunlight, and implementing an energy monitoring and management system.

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