Four Essential Features Millennials Want In An Office Space

Four Essential Features Millennials Want In An Office Space

As more and more Millennials enter the workplace and start their own companies, they are changing the culture of the office environment. Millennials bring their own ideas on what an office needs to offer to be competitive in the modern marketplace. In order to attract Millennials, your office space needs to adapt to meet these needs. Here are four things that Millennials look for in an office space.

1. Connectivity: Internet connectivity is critical for Millennials. Most of their businesses utilize cloud computing, e-commerce, and digital communication. In order to attract Millennials to your space you have to provide the infrastructure to offer high speed internet with a lot of bandwidth. You’ll also need to be able to upgrade and adapt whenever a new essential technology comes along.

2. Flex Space: Millennials have ditched the cubicle for common room workspaces. Their companies offer a variety of unique spaces like nap rooms, bicycle storage rooms, and yoga rooms. They want spaces that provide opportunities for work life balance, as well as, collaboration and creative brainstorming. Rethink how your office space and clear the layout so they can define the space based on their needs.

3. Modern Design: Millennials value branding as the most critical function of their business. In the highly competitive global marketplace, branding can help their company standout. Millennials want an office space that is an extension of their brand image. When clients, partners, and potential applicants come to the office, they want to immediately communicate their brand. Keeping your office spaces minimal and modern can help them apply their brand to the decor of the office.

4. Residential Features: Millennials view their careers as a lifestyle, not just a job to pay the bills. They work unconventional hours and so achieving a work life balance is no longer about how you balance your work and personal hours. It’s about how to seamlessly integrate the two. Residential features like a fully functional kitchen with social dining space, a gym or game room, and green spaces incorporated in the office space help them achieve this balance.

Making sure you meet these needs in your commercial office space will help you attract Millennials renters. For other ideas on how to connect with Millennials, contact the experts at Land Park. We offer comprehensive consultation services that can help you get the most out of your commercial spaces.