Criteria For A Successful Business: Lease The Perfect Spot Through a Houston Brokerage Firm

When you start up or relocate a business, location could very well be the most crucial decision to insure its success. There are many things to consider as you look for the choice spot to lease for your retail, warehousing, or office space needs. Below is a short list of things which may help you when discussing your location criteria with your Professional Leasing Broker  

Retail Businesses: Identify your target customer base and go where they go. If the shopping center to the east of town gets more retail traffic than the one on the west, the eastern location is probably your best bet. An exception could be if you are looking to add your services to an area that could possibly benefit from them where competition is less in that locale and population would support it. Ample (and free) parking for customers in either case is essential.  

Walk-In Businesses: These include businesses such as law firms, insurance companies, hairdressers, non-profit orgs, etc. that do business by appointment or have few clients/customers at a time. Some residential areas where zoning permits, downtown areas, and shopping centers work well for these. Choose a location that's easy to spot from the street. Again, ample (and free) parking should be provided.  

Office Space for Lease: Identify the areas that offer the amenities that are important to your business such as image, mobility, proximity to employees and clients, shopping, hotels, and restaurants. 

Hotels, B&B, Restaurants, Other Hospitality: These do well if located close to each other, and are best suited near interstates and highways that lead to nearby attractions, shopping, and have easy access to a downtown's central business area. Ideally, there should be a sound barrier to block out noises such as nearby airports, heavy traffic, etc.  

Multi-residential, Senior Housing: Quiet green areas are a preference while maintaining a close proximity to hospitals, shopping, schools, restaurants, and entertainment. 

Factories and Manufacturing Plants: These are usually better suited away from residential and shopping areas. Check zoning laws for noise, air quality, and other environmental concerns and laws that may prohibit any plant who fails to implement environmental practices for that region.  

Parking: We've covered ample and free," but most businesses also should have designated space for delivery and transport vehicles if necessary that won't interfere with, or block, customer traffic and parking.  

Safety: Customers as well as employees need to feel safe and secure in your parking areas as well as the inside and perimeters of your building. Check to see if those areas are well lit and maintained to protect against crime or accidents. Ask local authorities about the crime rate in that area and determine what steps you should take to implement a safe, secure environment.  

The Competition: Eye up and take notice of other similar businesses to yours to determine how large or small the competition is. Also note the surroundings of locations you are considering to see if your business would be complimented by both competitors and non-competitors alike.  

Expansion Space: If your business plan calls for expansion a few steps down the road, look at locations with a critical eye to determine if extra sq. footage is ample and would be included with the lease/sale. Ask about any adjacent property or structures that may be leased or purchased with current lease or purchase, or if possible to place an option on it for future use. 

Last but not least, choose a Houston Brokerage Firm to help you with everything from proper site selection to providing info for all your questions and concerns. Please feel free to Contact Us for help with any of your leasing needs.