3 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Leasing Office Space

For Leasing as Easy as 1-2-3...Stop Here!

Are you searching for the right office space for your business and quickly finding that it's more complicated than you initially thought?

You're not alone. Hundreds of business owners just like you struggle through numerous tours, complicated lease agreements, and dozens of compromises to find a suitable space.

As a seasoned leasing company, we have a lot of experience helping tenants navigate these hurdles. We want to help you avoid these three common mistakes that we frequently see in our work so that you don't walk into a space that ultimately hurts your business.

Mistake #1: Relying on Listings

In an internet-powered informational age, it's easy to simply head to Google and start window-shopping for the perfect office space. You can fly through hundreds of listings of dozens of sights in a matter of hours without fighting traffic or scheduling appointments.

It's easy to see why you might find this kind of office shopping appealing.

However, the listings rarely tell the full story. Landlords want to put up listings that are enticing, teasing, and evocative. Their goal isn't to tell you the full picture of the listing, it's to get you to book a time to see it.

Mistake #2: Getting Frustrated

You've browsed hundreds of properties online. You've scheduled appointments, you've toured spaces, you've reviewed lease agreements. It's exhausting — but you're determined.

Eventually, you get worn down. Finding the right space that fits your needs and your budget is hard work.

Don't let your frustration be your downfall after putting in all that effort. You could end up signing a lease for a space that hurts instead of helping and find yourself stuck in a lengthy contract and overinvested before you can fix it.

Mistake #3: Going Alone

Finding the right space is hard — as we're sure you're already aware.

  1. Lease agreements are random and complicated. Every landlord has different conditions, fees, and terms. If you paid a lawyer to review them all, it'd get expensive fast.
  2. Amenities vary drastically. Some places have the right size, lighting, and other essential features. But, they are in the wrong location or just don't feel right to you.
  3. Location matters. Your customers and your employees will care about where you're located. Your spot on the map can spell success or set the stage for disaster.

That's just the tip of the office space shopping iceberg.

Let us take the hassle away and help you find the ideal space. Contact us and find out more about how you can utilize our expertise to help you find the right spot for your business to build a strong foundation of success.